First Point Solutions

Administration Services

Our administration services include invoicing, bookkeeping, producing financial and managerial reports, database creation and updating, photocopying, scanning, typing, filing, providing statistics and researches for your business,arranging your stationery needs. We also have additional services such as, delivering your leaflets/newsletters, sending greeting cards to your clients etc.We can also discuss your needs if you have any requests other than these. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, efficient and excellent service. We will make sure that you are satisfied with our work.

Database creation and updating

Your data may be on paper, on a website, in a particular file or on scanned images, we can transfer the information from any type of resource into a format of your choice.

We can help you to design, maintain and develop a database according to your needs. It could be a customer database, enquiry database, marketing contacts or any other database that is needed for your business.

Producing financial and/or management reports

We can provide you monthly/weekly reports such as details of number of sales for this period, your regular and extra costs, etc. so that you can see your business’ financial position more clearly.  


We can issue invoices and send it to your clients in any way you wish. We can provide you weekly/monthly reports for expected payments, and your payables for the next week/month and chase up late payments on your behalf.


We can do all photocopying, scanning and filing jobs in any kind of system or format that you would like for your business so that you will have more time to do your job.

Typing/changing pdf documents into Word doc.

If you do not have time to type out your documents; we can do your typing at short notice. We can work out of office hours which would mean if you send us the document in the evening, your document would be ready the following morning. Please note that it would depend on the size of the document.  You can send us the work in any format and we can type the texts, graphs and tables into a Word format.

Arranging your stationery needs

We can arrange ordering your stationery needs regularly. We can use your current stationery supplier or search for the best deals for your stationery needs.

Other Services 

  • Delivering leaflets/newsletters 
  • Sending greeting cards to your clients
  • Sending follow up emails, or calling for following up your enquiries
  • Sending emails/letters for your business campaigns